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New Releases

Love Me, Love Me Not: Dark tales of Love, Lust, and Lunacy: Dark Drabbles 14
"Dinner Date"
"Got Eyes for Teacher"
"Love, Your Secret Admirer"
"Stop and Smell the Barbiturates"
"The Valentine Killer Strikes Again"
"True Crime is Forever"
"What Do You Get the Woman Who's Put Up With It All?"
"When the Moon Hits Your Eye, That’s Aroo!"

Have you ever been so obsessed with someone that thoughts of them envelop everything in your life, fill your every waking moment with desire, permeate your dreams…make you crazier than a bag of cats?

Have you ever been so devout in your love for another that all rational thought goes out of the window and you’d do everything in your power to keep them close, no matter what? Maybe keep them locked away…? Kill for them…?

Kill them…?

When love or lust hungers you, what would you do?

Black Hare Press (2023)
Nom Nom: Hallowe'en Dark Drabbles 
"Grinning Jack"
"Killer Clowns"

Hallowe'en Horrors in tiny tales.

Vampires, djinns, spirits, werewolves, trolls, banshees, elves, mummies, skeletons, carnivorous jack-o'-lanterns, evil-seeking clowns, Halloween purges, sexy-but-hungry succubi, genius loci scarecrows voraciously guarding their pumpkin patches, revenge of the Hallowe'en candies.

But don't worry, btween 100-word gory bites you'll have a moment to catch your breath before the next soul-eating creature climbs out of the grave...

Black Hare Press (2022)
Bodies antho.jpg
"Give a Fish a Man"

What makes us ‘us’? Is it the body? Is it the mind? A space in-between? For over half the planet, that autonomy is taken for granted.

In this HauntedMTL Charity Anthology, we have a wide scope of horror from visual artists, poets, and writers of short prose. You’ll see some familiar faces and some first-time authors. Our tenth charity anthology has something for everyone. Yes, even you.

A percentage of every copy sold goes to:
The Emily Dickinson Museum,
Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF),
The National Women’s Law Center, Girls Who Code, and NNAF Abortion Funds
buy a copy - give directly - engage - resist

HauntedMTL (2022)
Hell Hath Only Fury
"Teaching Professor Rosenburg"

On June 24, 2022, a cry rang out across the United States of America. It echoed, reverberated, and extended out across the world. To some it represented the fear of what’s to come. To others, a reality that was all too familiar. It was a cry of anger. Of terror and anguish. Of desperation. But it wasn’t one of surprise.

In its wake, voices joined and rose with warning tales of the impending future. Bodies stripped of autonomy, identities denied, freedoms robbed, lives lost. And so much rage. For these are not voices that will go gentle into this terrible night. These are stories of fright and fighting back. These are stories of reclamation and defiance. These are stories of warriors.

Because when all they give us is hell, we will respond with only fury.

Hell Hath Only Fury is a charity anthology for the benefit of abortion services in the United States of America following the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

S.H. Cooper (2022)
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