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Reader Beware!
"This Place Sucks"


You've heard the stories about Fear Street—the unexplained mysteries, missing people, the things that lurk in the dark—but wouldn't you rather experience them for yourself?

You aren't scared, are you?

From Briana Morgan, author of THE TRICKER-TREATER AND OTHER STORIES, and Roxie Voorhees, author of THE TURQUOISE DOOR, comes a collection of super-chilling tales of teen horror.

A little nostalgia and an ode to Stine, this anthology promises to keep you up at night.


Coming Soon From DarkLit Press
Run, Rabbit, Run
"Blame the Rabbits"
"Kill, Fraken-Hare, Kill"

Bunny butchers, lunatic lagomorphs, cut-throat cottontails, evil Easter bunnies, poisonous pikas, and all manner of arduous alliterative animal anecdotes compiled by the Hell Hare Submission Reader:

They queue. With gaunt faces and bloodshot eyes, weary feet trudge slowly. The line snakes down the hill, back and forth between the Hell Fires, all eyes on the stooped shoulders in front. Silence, but for quiet groans. He watches. Three crimson eyes glow eerily in the dark; all that can be seen of the black Hell Hare waiting in the shadows. Trembling hands lift their offering to the altar, reverently placing it upon the last. Some even shed a single tear. His soul aches. For he knows he is the maker of dreams, but also the breaker of hearts.

Coming Soon From Black Hare Press
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