Walks Home Alone at Night

by Wondra Vanian

     Everyone knows that it’s dangerous for a woman to walk alone at night. What most people don’t realize—or don’t care to admit—is that safety is a privilege of the financially secure. It’s easy to warn others against wandering the streets after dark when one knows they’ll be tucked away safe behind locked doors in their gated communities long before evening falls. Everyone else? Well, everyone else takes their chances.

     Meena scanned the darkness as she stepped off the bus. Her neighborhood had never been particularly safe, but things had gotten steadily worse since Donald Trump rose to power. Harassment and hate crimes were so common that they no longer made the news. It was just expected that if you were dumb enough to visibly be anything other than Christian or unlucky enough to be just a little too brown, you were fair game.

     Of course, Meena mused as she tucked the jersey hijab she wore under her chin, plenty of people are both.

Alternative Truths

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