Love in the Time of Trumpites

by Wondra Vanian

Tristan’s first problem was that he had never been able to say no to Callie. His second was being a vampire. Although… he had never considered that a problem before he met Callie.

     Oh, he wasn’t one of those sick vampires who became morose when they fell in love with a human. Tristan thought that these vampires, the ones who walked willingly into the sunlight to prove how much they loved some sappy bleeder, deserved whatever angst-ridden end they got. They were an embarrassment to their species.

     And it certainly wasn’t that Callie was one of the idiot humans who thought any relationship between a human and a vampire was inherently doomed. She loved the could-die-any-moment thrill of being a human as much as Tristan loved the security of being a vampire. Their relationship worked for them.

     Or, it had worked for them. Until that moment.

     Until Callie had come to Tristan, teary-eyed, and begged him to do the one thing they had agreed he would never do...

Trump: Utopia or Dystopia

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